About Kwansei Gakuin

Kwansei Gakuin (KG), which translates as the Schools of Kwansei, was founded in 1889 by American Christian missionaries in Harada, Kobe.

The first institutions to open were a seminary and an academy, and then in 1910 KG developed its first high schools in collaboration with the Canadian Mission Board. In order to establish the university, KG moved to Uegahara in Nishinomya in 1929, and has continued to grow in size and stature since then. Today Kwansei Gakuin incorporates a university with 11 schools (including Schools of Theology, Science and Technology) and 13 graduate schools, a junior college, junior and senior high schools, kindergarten and primary schools, and two international schools. More than 27,000 KG students study on campuses stretching from Kobe in West Japan to Tokyo in East Japan. One thing that has not changed, however, are the Christian principles and global view espoused by KG’s founders; these fundamental ideas remain the cornerstones of Kwansei’s efforts to nurture world citizens who embody the institution’s motto of ‘Mastery for Service.’

The Kwansei Gakuin advantage

Senri International Campus, with its two international schools and approximately 750 students, -is playing an important and leading role as KG develops into a truly global educational institution. The students and faculty at Senri and Osaka International Schools (SOIS) are at the forefront of our efforts to offer an integrated kindergarten-to-graduate school education that is one of the most dynamic, outward-looking and renowned in Japan. At the same time, being part of a much larger educational institution offers SOIS many substantial opportunities that are not available to smaller independent schools ? the ‘KG advantage’.