Other Languages: SOIS

Second or Other Languages

Five additional languages are available to study at SOIS. Please note that some of these are extra-curricular classes and may be subject to additional lesson fees.

Chinese | 中国語
Korean | 韓国語
French | フランス語
German | ドイツ語
Spanish | スペイン語

Bilingual / Trilingual Speech Contest

Every year SOIS students participate in a bilingual/trilingual speech contest with students from other schools in the Kansai area. The contest began in 2013, and our students are regular winners at the event. There are middle school and high school divisions in the competition; MS students make a 3-minute speech in two languages (Korean, Chinese, English or Japanese), and HS students make a 3-minute speech in three languages.

2016 Bilingual / Trilingual Speech Contest

This year the contest will be held on Saturday, 12 November 2016 in the 3rd floor conference room at SOIS. It is on the same day as the International Fair. We have 5 students participating, and all parents are invited to come and watch. The schedule is as follows:

13:30  Opening Ceremony

13:50  Speech for MS students (on the theme of "What I have learnt through perseverance.")

14:40  Intermission

15:10  Award Ceremony for MS

16:00 Speech for HS students (on the theme of "What have we lost as a result of today's information-oriented society?")

17:00  Intermission

17:30  Award Ceremony for HS, Closing Ceremony