English and Japanese

The English and Japanese Programmes

Offering some language classes across both schools means more levels are available and students can be placed in classes that more precisely meet their particular needs and abilities. Between us, we are able to cater for any level of English or Japanese, from complete beginner through to native speaker. As with other shared classes, being exposed to a variety of cultures and ideas in these lessons helps students deepen their understanding of and respect for other viewpoints while gaining the skills to express themselves clearly and confidently. Students in these classes forge valuable friendships that deeply enrich their middle and high-school experience.

Comments from SOIS students

Mariri (SIS graduating class of 2016)

Mariri took OIS IB English classes all the way from Grade 9 through to her graduation. "The best thing about taking English through OIS was the wide range of texts that are covered throughout the whole course. I really enjoyed reading such a variety of plays, poems, novels and other texts."

Sara (SIS graduating class of 2018)

Sara has taken OIS IB English classes since Grade 9. "Being in an OIS class has given me the chance to work in English at a high level."

Mizuki (SIS graduating class of 2018)

Mizuki has taken OIS IB English classes since Grade 9. " Taking OIS English means that I can learn new vocabulary and participate in high level discussions. It has been challenging to keep up with the vocabulary required at times though."

Other languages

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