Important Announcements

Key announcements regarding the operation of the schools, such as school closures due to extreme weather or health concerns, will be posted here.

More details about our emergency procedures, including evacuation sites and emergency contact number, can be found here.

13 October 2019

Dear All

The weather forecast for Monday is for showers, but Tuesday is predicted to be a sunny day. To try and ensure the best conditions for a successful Sports Day, we will postpone Sports Day to Tuesday 15th October. Tuesday is scheduled as the backup day in our calendar. Please note that on Monday we will follow the usual Monday timetable.
Originally, we informed parents that any postponement decision would be made at 6.00 am on Monday, but we have decided to make an earlier decision, since the situation seems quite clear and this will also make it easier to prepare for the change.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused and many thanks in advance to all the event organisers, whom we appreciate will have a lot of reorganising to do.
Best regards

Myles Jackson & Mayumi Ito
SOIS Heads of School







井藤 & Jackson

SOIS Heads of School

17 June 2019 update

Dear OIS parents, teachers and students,

The suspect was apprehended in Minoh this morning and is in police custody. We will start school at the following times today:
  • PYP elementary school - classes begin at 12:00 noon, students can arrive starting at 11:30 AM and go to the playground. The enhanced PYP parent presentation will take place today at 14:45 in the grade 3 classroom as scheduled.
  • MYP/DP middle school and high school students - classes begin at 11:25 AM (fourth period). There will be short homerooms starting at 11:10 AM.


Bill Kralovec, Head of School









16 June 2019

Dear SOIS parents,

Minoh, Toyonaka and Suita cities have put restrictions on area schools for tomorrow. SOIS has decided to abide by the spirit of these restrictions and will do the following:

  1. If the criminal suspect is caught by 6:00 AM tomorrow, we will have classes as normal on Monday, June 17.
  2. If the criminal suspect is not caught by 6:00 AM on Monday, June 17, please do not go to school. (Please check the news regularly as we are not going to send an email at 6:00 AM)
  3. If the criminal suspect is caught sometime after 6:00 AM, we may start classes sometime during the day depending on the timing. In that case, please wait for contact by SOISmail.

We ask everyone in our community to stay safe. Our thoughts are with the injured policeman and we hope they apprehend the suspect as soon as possible. 


William (Bill) Kralovec

Head of School, Osaka International School of Kwansei Gakuin



  1. 6月17日(月曜日)の午前6時時点までに犯人が捕まった場合は通常通り授業をします。
  2. 6月17日(月曜日)の午前6時時点で犯人が捕まっていない場合は、登校しないようにしてください。そのまま犯人が捕まらない状態が続くようであれば明日は休校とします。【朝6時にメールは送りませんので、ニュース等でご確認ください。】
  3. 6時以降に犯人が捕まった場合、途中からの授業再開をすることがあるかもしれません。2)の対応となった場合は引き続きメールでの連絡を確認してください。




4 September 2018

Dear SOIS parents,

Due to the typhoon warnings issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency (English website link - Japanese language link) and the announcement by JR that train operations in the region will be suspended from 10:00am tomorrow, we have taken the decision to inform the school community in advance that the school will be closed on Tuesday 4 September. Given the unusual strength of the typhoon, we urge everyone to follow the progress of the storm, and to take care.

Thank you for your understanding.


William (Bill) Kralovec

Head of School, Osaka International School of Kwansei Gakuin






19 June 2018

Dear SOIS parents,

With the school closed today, faculty and staff have been busy clearing up the rooms affected by yesterday's earthquake. Our specialist contractors have checked the building and have established that it is in a fit state for lessons to resume, and the water supply is now back on. Consequently school will go ahead as usual tomorrow, Wednesday 20 June, and students should prepare to come as normal. Please take care with your movements.

Whilst we hope that there are no more major incidents, we are aware that aftershocks continue to be felt in the region. Please note, therefore, that if there is a large tremor, school may need to be cancelled again. If that occurs, notification will be sent to everyone by SOISmail. (This time we will not utilise telephone trees.)

Thank you for your understanding.



The Administration Team, Senri & Osaka International Schools of Kwansei Gakuin

5 October 2016

Dear SOIS parents,

Due to weather alarms in surrounding prefectures, after school clubs, activities, sports, meetings and events are cancelled today. All students are required to go straight home today at 3:30 PM. If the Osaka prefecture does issue an alarm for high winds, we may have to send the students home even earlier, but at this point we are not anticipating this. We use the Japan Meteorological Agency (English website link - Japanese language link) to base our decisions. Thank you for your understanding.


William (Bill) Kralovec

Head of School, Osaka International School of Kwansei Gakuin











20 September 2016

Dear SOIS community,

We just received a high winds and rain warning from the Osaka prefecture weather office. The warning came at 6:26 AM. There is no school today. We will be activating the telephone tree. If there are any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Bill Kralovec, OIS Head of School




井藤眞由美, SIS 校長