Term Course System

Semester Course System

Focusing on topics through trimesters

At our school, the year is divided into the three semesters of spring, autumn and winter. Each trimester has 60 school days at the minimum and the program is composed in order to have each subject area complete within the trimester as efficiently as possible. For this reason, each curriculum can have a span of three trimesters, which allows each student to focus on studies that match their level. 

Easy to enrol during the school year

Since all subjects come to a conclusion at the end of each trimester, it is easy for a student to start school during any trimester, as if it were the beginning of the school year so there is no worry even if the student is from a different country following a different curriculum. Additionally, it is also made easy to choose subjects from our corresponding international school, which widens the course choices for students.

Personalised Timetable

Students have different timetables

As part of the mandatory education system, during middle school, students must take classes such as English and Japanese which are divided into classes depending on the level of the student and subjects like music which allow the students to chose the class they are interested in. Other than these, most of the subjects are mandatory. However, from high school, students are able to chose classes they want to take and devise their own personal timetable that assembles the classes they should take in order to support them towards future desires and interests.

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From our students

“SIS classes are about being independent and taking responsibility. You take the classes that are necessary for your course of study and because everyone is taking a different path you have to plan your own. You study your courses because they are your own choices not because someone has told you you have to do it. You take responsibility and want to study as a result.”