At a Glance

  • SIS and OIS are shared classes encouraging co-operation and communication within two schools through sports
  • The program has many different teachers from many different backgrounds and the sports offered are also wide and varied.
  • The classes will be run in the English language or a combination of English and Japanese, depending on the teacher and class composition.
  • The curriculum is a combination of MYP and Japanese local education.

Middle School

Our Goals

Middle School PE students are encouraged to try their best, have fun and improve their basic skill levels in all sports offered. Winning is not the most important thing. There is more emphasis on the attitude shown, the effort given and the ability to be an active, positive member of class. This experience will prepare students for the more challenging aspects of High School PE.

Curriculum Content
  • Cardio Respiratory training
  • Invasion Games
  • Racket/Net Sports
  • Striking Sports
  • Individual sports (Dance, Swimming,?Gymnastics,?Track and Field, Martial Arts)

Students are expected to recognize and understand how to move, reflect, analyse and improve performance. Students are expected to learn, understand and implement basic sports rules and strategies to enhance performance. Students are responsible for their attitude, effort and behaviour in class.

High School

Our Goals

Building from the knowledge gained in Middle School, our major goal is to have students experience and understand many sports, including game rules, strategies, coaching perspectives and reffereeing situations in a deeper context. The students have more choice in High School, allowing them to continue to pursue sports of their interest with the aim of becoming a motivated lifelong participant in sport and fitness.

Curriculum Content
  • Fitness Training
  • Swimming
  • Performance
  • Track and Field

Students are required to complete all of the above activities plus a number of elective sports; Basketball, Volleyball, Ultimate, Softball, Soccer, Hockey and Badminton. Students are expected to be more accoutable for thier own learning with emphasis on displaying a higher level of knowledge and skill development in their chosen sports.

From our students

“There's much variety in what we study, and it's great to learn health and sports science in class to help us understand the purpose and benefits of the physical activities too.”