SIS Integrated Studies

At a Glance

  • Research skill development
  • Research paper writing and presentation in Japanese
  • Grade 7: Introduction
  • Grade 8: Intermediate
  • Grade 10: Inquiry into Knowledge
  • Grades 11-12: SGH Field Study, interview, research paper, and poster development

Middle School

Our Goals
Curriculum Content
  • Grade 7 Study Explorers
    • Spring: Two 1-minute presentations; 3-minute lecture
    • Fall: 'Great people & achievement' project; Report writing; Research skills in Japanese
    • Winter: 'Great people & achievement' project; Creating presentations; Research skills in Japanese
  • Grade 7 Computer Basics
    • Spring: Typing, wordprocessing, network use, netiquette
    • Fall: Presentation techniques
  • Grade 8 Integrated Health
    • Spring: Brain study
    • Winter: Presentation techniques

High School

Our Goals
Curriculum Content
  • Grade 10 Inquiry into Knowledge
    • complete research skill basic training
  • Grades 11-12 Field Study
    • choose a field of study from: a) construction of a more peaceful global society, b) construction of a more sustainnable enviroment, c) construction of more reciprocal ways of intercultural communication
    • conduct study tours for each field
    • interview at least three prominent people in the field
  • Grades 11-12 Research & Field Study
    • develop a research question from the interview
    • reference material research
    • create outline
    • write 1st draft
    • poster presentation
  • Grades 11-12 Research Paper
    • follows the Research & Field Study trimester
    • write 2nd draft
    • final paper
    • poster presentation

From our students

“We talk with leaders of agriculture from developing countries and with UN officials so that topics that we studied become a lot more real to us. I learned the basics of research writing and wrote an 8000 word research paper. This really gave me a sense of achievement.”