IB for SIS students

The SIS Dual Diploma Programme is perfect for students who want an education that is nationally and internationally recognised, that balances a global and local focus and that can challenge them that one step further. Concurrently studying the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IBDP) and the Japanese National Curriculum allows our students to become perfectly balanced bilinguals and to graduate with the world at their feet.

At the moment, this option is open only to h and h+ English level students. Over their 3 years of high-school, they follow a carefully planned programme which allows them to fulfill the MEXT requirements for Japanese High Schools while simultaneously following the rigorous IB diploma programme. Please note that if you are hoping to enter SIS from high school and follow the Dual Diploma Programme, further screening is required in addition to the regular entrance procedure.

Click here to view or download a guide to the SIS IB DP programme (in Japanese):

Click here to view or download the IBO's guide to the DP programme (in Japanese):