SIS English

At a Glance

  • 5 levels of English courses to suit the needs of all students whatever their ability or background.
  • Specially designed courses, tailor made for our students.
  • A balance between native-speaker and Japanese teachers.
  • Highly motivating classes offering authentic opportunities to engage with the language.
  • Outstanding results in National Achievement Tests, Eiken and TOEFL.
  • Levels

    Middle School


    Our Goals

    The SIS English middle school programme has been designed to offer a thorough and fully rounded English education to students of all levels and backgrounds. We aim to guide students into becoming competent and confident communicators both in writing and speaking, but also to become readers, listeners and thinkers who are open-minded, flexible and understanding of others.

    Curriculum Content

    Over their three years in middle school, students will take a balance of classes with native-speaking and Japanese teachers.

    • Beginner levels focus on understanding the basic form of the language and expanding vocabulary while being given ample opportunity to use English to communicate in authentic situations.
    • Intermediate and higher level students read a variety of literary genres and develop oral and written skills through, for example, responding to texts, collaborating with peers and presenting to audiences.
    • At the native level, students are challenged to develop logical and sustained ideas and arguments, to analyze and evaluate literary works in depth and, through creative writing, to develop an enjoyment and appreciation of the language.

    High School


    Our Goals

    The SIS English high school programme has been designed to offer a thorough and fully rounded English education to students of all levels and backgrounds. Building on the goals of our middle school programme we focus on thoroughly preparing students for university life, be it in Japan or abroad, and on further developing the skills necessary to become world citizens.

    Curriculum Content

    With over 50 courses on offer students are guaranteed to find English courses which suit their needs and interests. Courses are divided into three categories: Focus on Language, Language and Culture and Language and Literature. This choice allows students to interact with English in a wide variety of contexts, or if they so wish, focus on areas that they feel are most necessary or most motivating for them.

    IB150bAnother option is our IB English B certificate courses. We offer these at both standard and higher levels. They are offered as stand-alone courses?or, in the case of the higher level option, as part of the IB Diploma programme. Further information on these courses can be found on the IB website here.

    From our students:

    (h+): “We are able to study at a level that suits our ability. Through the IB course, we study at an internationally recognised standard and are encouraged to develop our own original thoughts and ideas. These classes are extremely useful for us.”

    (s): “I joined SIS from high school and was struck by the way we are encouraged to try to express ourselves in English. I feel it helped me master the basics of the language. Now I am in my third year at SIS, taking many native teacher classes and working very hard in the subject.”