Admissions (SIS)

SIS exists primarily to serve the needs of Japanese and international expatriate families who reside in the Kansai area and have a clear need for an education that balances the Japanese middle and high school diploma curriculums with a superb English-language programme and an international perspective. Admissions will be decided based on past student achievement and motivation. SIS seeks motivated students who will be able to succeed in a challenging and well rounded program.

SIS has an enrollment of students from over twenty-five countries around the world. We accept application for admission from returnee students multiple times per year (students who have spent at least 2 years overseas should apply within 3 years of their return to Japan; students who have spent 1-2 years overseas should apply within 2 years of their return to Japan). Non-returnee students may apply to join the school at the beginning of middle school, or the beginning of high school only.If you would like to know more, and find out if SIS can provide the best educational environment for your family’s needs, lease click the button below to go to the Japanese language version of our website. You are also welcome to contact our Admissions Office at any time.

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