Each year OIS middle and high school students spend the final three days of the winter term on camps that combine physical activity, education and opportunities to learn and practice new skills. Some camps, such as the grade 11 service trip to Bali, and the middle school camp in Kamagasaki, also enable students to make a contribution to their community, either on a local or an international scale.

  • G6 hiking & Sengari camp
  • G7 Outward Bound camp
  • G8 Hiroshima camp
  • G9-10 Photography camp
  • G9-10 Kamagasaki camp
  • G9-10 Northstar ski & snowboard camp
  • G9-10 Sailing camp
  • G11 Service trip
  • G12 Science project camp


Most SIS camps take place following the end of classes in the spring term. A wide range of options mean that there really is something for everyone. These images were taken from the camps last year.
  • 100km walk
  • Dolphin swim camp
  • Senri historia camp
  • Spiritual journey camp
  • Marine camp
  • Satoyama and Ranger camp
  • Tatsujin: forest master and mori camp
  • Challenge camp


Some camps are open and regularly attended by students from both schools, particularly the camps in which students volunteer to help communities around Japan.
  • Tohoku Volunteer camp