Senri and Osaka International Schools (SOIS) provide each student, and each student’s family, with a SOISmail email account. This is a Gmail account from Google created within the school’s own SOIS mail system.

Teachers and business office staff, sports coaches and other school staff use these SOISmail addresses to send messages and reminders to students, and to send news, reports and invitations to families. Because all families have an active and easily recognisable SOISmail account, the school uses these addresses rather than trying to keep track of individualised personal email addresses to communicate with parents and guardians. As part of our efforts to reducing the amount of paper that is used in the schools, most information to parents is now sent through this system rather than in the form of printed handouts. The SOISmail account should therefore be checked regularly for incoming messages.

Please see the guide below for more information, of contact with any questions you have.

Guide to SOISmail for families

The following guide explains how to access your SOISmail account, and how to set up mail forwarding so that messages can be forwarded on to your personal email address if you wish. This is a PDF you can read online, download and print.