#9: WASC accreditation for OIS

We spoke with our faculty WASC accreditation coordinator from 2016-2017, Marcella Cooper, about her role as coordinator and the accreditation process. This interview has all you need to know about accreditation!

#8: World Scholar's Cup

OIS high school students Skye Inada, Tyus Sheriff and Lilian Tsubaki talk about their experiences with World Scholar’s Cup. They give the benefits of participating and encourage SOIS students to join the program.

World Scholar’s Cup website (link)

WSC Facebook page (link)

#7: Two Schools Together

The seventh episode of the OIS podcast hosted by Head of School Bill Kralovec. This program features Senri International School principal Fran Namba we talk about the challenges and opportunities of the unique, Two Schools Together model.

#6: Super Global High School

Emi Tsudaka, the Super Global High School Coordinator at the Senri International School joins host Bill Kralovec in the studios of SOIS to talk about the program. Senri IS is one of few high schools to earn the status and funding of SGH in Japan. Learn more about the program and how it relates to the Osaka International School.

Super Global High School English website (link)

Japan Times article on SGH from 2014 (link)

MEXT Ministry of Education English website (link)

#5: Coding mathematics

OIS mathematics teacher Kevin Bertman and I talk about teaching programming in his mathematics classes. Coding or computer programming is increasingly being offered in schools today and there are initiatives throughout the world to make it mandatory. With computers taking over many aspects of our daily work, a knowledge of programming and the logic behind it are important for students to be exposed to. In this podcast we talk about coding, mathematics teaching, the different levels of mathematics in the IB, driverless cars and other topics. Thanks to Mr. Bertman for sharing with us his passion for programming and on behalf of the community, thanks to him for bringing it to our curriculum.

MrBertman.com is Kevin's professional website    |    Codecademy  is a free website that you can teach yourself coding    |    Scratch is a free programming language created by MIT that is a great introduction to coding for all ages    |    SketchUp is a 3D computer aided drawing program    |     To download Kevin's apps from the iTunes store, please go to this link.

#4: Spotlight on service in the community

Service learning coordinator Lyn Melville-Rea and three OIS students, Mia Lewis, Hiroaki Shigeyama and Sho Luke Taniyama talk about their experiences in helping the homeless. For many years, the OIS students have worked with the disadvantaged in Kamagasaki, a neighborhood in a central ward of Osaka.

#3: Lisa Ueda (OIS alumna and professional musician)

Professional musician and OIS graduate Lisa Ueda (www.lisaueda.com) visiting the school earlier this month. She talked about her 14 years at OIS, her time at the Royal Academy of Music in London, and her career as a violinist. Lisa is also promoting her January concerts in Kyoto. It was a pleasure to spend time getting to know her and learning about what it is like to be a soloist violinist.

#2: Life in the Akebono Dormitory, with Sungwook Eun and Akira Polenghi

I interviewed OIS seniors Sungwook Eun and Akira Polenghi about what it is like to live in the school dormitories for OIS students. Akira has been in the dorms for 2 years and Sungwook for a couple of months. Their insights will help students who are considering applying for the Global Futures Program to understand OIS a in a little more depth.

#1: Megumi Takada (SIS alumna)

Megumi is a 2013 graduate of the Senri International School. She is currently studying neuroscience at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, USA. Megumi visited us before heading to the USA for her third year of university studies. She is a Japanese “returnee” having grown up in California because of her father’s work. Megumi was kind enough to take some of her time to speak with me recently about many topics, including her participation in a research study on bilingualism by former SIS teacher, Taura sensei, her summer research project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), her community service work with children from the Fukushima area and Cambodia, and her learning experiences at SOIS. She is an example of the type of brilliant and ambitious young people we have at SOIS.