OIS: Educator

The Educator newsletter is published once a month for parents of OIS students. It includes news on recent and upcoming events around the school, and also announcements and updates from the school's Head and the elementary, middle and high school principals. Please check back regularly for the latest edition, which you can read online or download to your own computer or device.

SOIS: Tango

Tango, the SOIS school newspaper, provides students with the opportunity to develop their writing and journalistic skills. In addition to news about school life from students’ perspectives, it includes opinion pieces, fiction, poetry and reviews. As well as opportunities to develop their writing, Tango provides students with the chance to showcase their creative skills in photography, drawing and design. The newspaper is produced by the Tango club which meets on a weekly basis to work on producing and promoting the newspaper.

SOIS: Interculture

The magazine Interculture is published several times per year. The content covers news and activities from both schools, and focuses on many of the international, multicultural and multilingual aspects of our education programs and our students. Please feel free to contact us with articles, comments or opinions at any time.