Akebono Dormitory

About the dormitory

Akebono dormitory is situated in a residential area only two minutes on foot from the school. ‘Akebono’ means ‘dawn’ or ‘daybreak’. This is an apt name for a residence that prides itself on providing a warm, safe and welcoming environment for high school students whose parents are living abroad or beyond commuting distance from the school.

Students are supported by a housemaster and housemother who ensure the smooth administration and running of the dormitory. One of the goals of living in the dorm is for students to develop independence and cooperation and as such students living there are encouraged to play an active role in creating a successful living environment.

All admissions and issues arising from dormitory life are governed by the dormitory committee consisting of the head of school, principal, house parents and a faculty member appointed by the head.


The dorm is a light reinforced concrete structure built to the highest safety regulations. The total floor space is 980 sq m. This area includes 21 double occupancy rooms, each 18 square meters. The capacity is 42 students (18 boys, 24 girls). There is a male and female zone. Each zone contains a mini kitchen, lounge, traditional Japanese bath with showers, and laundry room. Besides students from the Global Futures Program, SIS Japanese students also live in the dormitory. This also helps with immersing oneself into the Japanese language and culture.


Admission fee

50,000 yen

Annual fee

969,500 yen

Annual meals

216,000 yen

Akebono pamphlet

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