Tuition fees (OIS)

School fees are invoiced termly and paid, in principle, by direct bank transfer from accounts registered with the school. All amounts are in yen (JPY). Please refer to the fee payment policy document at the bottom of this page for further explanatory details about school fees.


School fees comprise of tuition and an educational advancement fee (EAF).The EAF is a part of the overall fee payment that is paid by all students attending OIS and is used to directly support the educational programmes in place at the school. The Kwansei Gakuin Educational Foundation, which oversees the financial operations of the school, uses this breakdown across all its schools. It can be thought of as the component of the fees that is allocated to facilities and equipment.


A levy of 3000 yen per year per student is payable at the beginning of each school year. The PTA uses the funds to enhance the education of the students of OIS. This funding alleviates the need for the PTA use energy fund raising and instead they can focus on helping our students.

Kindergarten to Grade 5

  • Annual tuition: 1,796,000
  • EAF 235,000
  • PTA fee* 3,000
  • Total 2,034,000

Breakdown of fees by trimester

Fall term: 599,000 + EAF 79,000 + PTA 3,000 = Total 681,000
Winter term: 599,000 + EAF 78,000 = Total 677,000
Spring term: 598,000 + EAF 78,000 = Total 676,000

Grade 6 to Grade 10

  • Annual tuition: 2,148,000
  • EAF 275,000
  • PTA fee* 3,000
  • Total 2,426,000

Breakdown of fees by trimester

Fall term: 716,000 + EAF 92,000 + PTA 3,000 = Total 811,000
Winter term: 716,000 + EAF 92,000 = Total 808,000
Spring term: 716,000 + EAF 91,000 = Total 807,000

Grade 11 to Grade 12

  • Annual tuition: 2,255,000
  • EAF 275,000
  • PTA fee* 3,000
  • Total 2,533,000

Breakdown of fees by trimester

Fall term: 752,000 + EAF 92,000 + PTA 3,000 = Total 847,000
Winter term: 752,000 + EAF 92,000 = Total 844,000
Spring term: 751,000 + EAF 91,000 = Total 842,000

Administration Fees

Application Fee 40,000 yen; Registration fee 330,000 yen

School Bus Fees (per trimester)

Ashiya / Nishinomiya 89,630 yen; Minoh 62,750 yen; Senri Chuo 30,250 yen; Kitasenri 28,010 yen

Cafeteria Fees (per trimester)

Set lunch 28,000 yen

Fee payment for current students

The deadlines for fee transfers for currently enrolled students are:

  • Fall term : Thursday 19 September 2019
  • Winter term : Thursday 12 December 2019
  • Spring term : Monday 27 April 2020

Or annual tuition, in the case of company payment, is due by Monday 30 September 2019.

Fee payment for new students

Tuition and registration fees for new students should, in principle, be made prior to the first day of school.Please see the fee payment policy document below for further details.

Fee Payment Policy

Click here to view or download the document

Tuition aid

Grade 10, 11 and 12 students are eligible to receive government tuition aid. The system for G11 and G12 students remains as to date and fees will be invoiced with the tuition aid deducted. However, from August 2014 beginning families of G10 students will need to submit an application form and tax payment certification (kazei-shomeisho) to receive the aid. Invoices will be for the full amount of school fees with a refund coming upon successful application for the tuition aid.

In principle it is assumed that families entering OIS have the financial resources available to meet fee payments. Limited financial aid can be applied for if financial circumstances change. Forms are available from downloads section of this website.