Global Futures Program

Study in Japan in an academically challenging international baccalaureate school

The OIS Global Futures Program provides a unique opportunity to pursue high school English language academic studies, develop skills as a global citizen and to study Japanese immersed in the culture and atmosphere of Osaka--Japan’s vibrant, cutting edge and historically rich 'second city'. If Japanese is your chosen foreign language, you want to explore your Japanese roots, or you want an unforgettable experience boosting your intercultural skills while continuing your college preparatory coursework, then consider an application to the OIS Global Futures Program.

About the school

Osaka International School is an IB World School and as such offers all 3 IB programmes. Graduates from OIS go to universities around the world. The faculty is recruited to contribute to the school mission of furthering international education. The size of OIS and its relation to SIS, gives it the best of both worlds: small school attention with big school programs. Besides rigorous study, opportunities include sports, student governance, and musical possibilities as well as access to a range of smaller interest clubs.

Studying on the combined Osaka and Senri International School campus

The two schools, Osaka International School (OIS) and Senri International School (SIS), operate in an environment unique in the world of education. We share a common vision and mission, educational philosophy, as well as a building and facilities. The faculty and staff draw on each others' skills and experiences to provide an educational experience for students that is rich in content and diversity, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of the ever more interconnected world of the 21st century.

The Kwansei Gakuin advantage

Kwansei Gakuin Foundation (KG) is one of the most prestigious private educational foundations in Japan. The foundation governs 10 schools, a vocational college, and a university with a total population of 27,000 students. Our partnership with KG affords us access to people, research and facilities that would not usually be associated with a K-12 international school.

Outstanding possibilities

OIS has an outstanding academic record and students who graduate from OIS generally are able to enter the college or university of their choice. OIS’s sister school relationship gives an OIS student the chance to experience Japan in an authentic manner through sports, student council and in day to day interactions. Our relationship with Kwansei Gakuin University means that students also have the possibility to enter the university upon graduation either into a regular program if an applicant has the necessary command of Japanese, or into specific departments like the international relations department and receive an education completely in English, graduating with a degree at the end of a 4 year course. The options are wide and exciting. Our relationship with KG also gives us access to intellectual resources that may not readily be available to a school.

Why Osaka?

Osaka is situated in the center of the long Japanese archipelago. It is in an area known as Kansai. The Kansai area is one of the most important historical regions of Japan with the ancient capitals of Kyoto and Nara nearby. Osaka is a large cosmopolitan city and is known as the ‘food capital’ of Japan. The school however is situated 15 km (about 9 miles) from the city center on the northern edge of the city. The school is in a new residential area with many green areas and parks and safe bike trails galore. The school is also close to the Mino National Park with kilometers of hiking and biking trails. Like all areas of Japan, Osaka is a very safe and comfortable city to live in.

  • Osaka Castle in the centre of the city


The costs of an education at OIS would depend on the requirements of the applicant. Separate fees apply for tuition, dormitory and catering. Please look see the Global Futures Programme and dormitory booklets below for detailed information.

Live In, or Live Out

Most Global Futures students choose to stay in our dormitory, residing alongside regular OIS and SIS students. However homestay options with families living in the area are also available. More information about the dormitory is available via the link below, and more details about the homestay option can be found be contacting the admissions office.

The Akebono Dormitory

Akebono dormitory is situated in a residential area only two minutes on foot from the school. ‘Akebono’ means ‘dawn’ or ‘daybreak’. This is an apt name for a residence that prides itself on providing a warm, safe and welcoming environment for high school students whose parents are living abroad or beyond commuting distance from the school. Please follow the link below for more information about the dormitory.


Please use the links below to view, download or print the Global Futures Programme and Akebono Dormitory pamphlets.

Click here to view or download the GFP brochure

Who should apply?

Students who have a specific interest in Japan such as its language; students who like to study language in an authentic setting; students with a Japanese heritage who want to spend some time studying and living in the country; students who want to experience a unique culture first hand; students who want to study in the IB programme; students who enjoy contributing to a community; students who enjoy challenges; students who want a special experience to take with them for the rest of their lives.

How do I apply?

To make the first steps in applying to join the program, please contact us using the 'Initial Enquiry Form #2' below, telling us briefly about yourself. Initially your giving us your name, date of birth and a some information about your current schooling situation will allow us to get back to you with more information about the program suited to your situation. Following that if you decide to follow up with a formal application we will ask you to complete some application forms, provide the past 3 years of school transcripts, and recommendations from a teacher and the school principal.

Admissions Process

GFadmissions1b 1. Initial contact: Initial contact through email and/or phone.

GFadmissions2b 2. Initial meeting: Parents or guardians and students meet with admissions staff (in person, or via Skype).

GFadmissions3b 3. Submissions of documents: School records, letters of recommendation, standardized testing, health records, parental consent form.

GFadmissions4b 4. Evaluation: English, mathematics, and non-verbal testing, formal interview.

GFadmissions5b 5. Decision: Acceptance, deferred acceptance, placed on waiting list, or rejection.


Francesco Lassig (OIS 2013-2014)

“I was very happy with the way OIS handled my year abroad. First of all, they were very supportive right from the start, and I was very grateful for the flexibility of the school throughout the whole year, such as adjusting my schedule to suit my needs. They were always making sure I had the best possible experience.

At school I was able to continue my studies in English and, at the same time, learn Japanese in my Japanese lessons. I was even presented with the possibility of taking chemistry lessons in Japanese at SIS. It was a great way of immersing myself more in the Japanese language and getting to know people from the sister school. However, what really helped me to improve my Japanese significantly were the interactions with Japanese people outside of school, especially at the dormitory. It was a great place to interact with people the same age in Japanese, and I made a lot of friends there.

And that was probably the best part of my year in Japan: I met so many new people and managed to make friends from all over the world. I really hope I will be able to meet them again.”

GFP Enquiry Form #1: For First Enquiries

If this is your first contact with the school, and you have an initial enquiry about the GF Program, please use this Enquiry Form #1. You do not need to complete the application forms or submit any documentation at this stage.

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Enquiry Form #2: For GFP Enrolment Enquiries

Should you be interested in enrolling your child in the Global Futures Program, please provide additional information using the Initial GFP Enquiry Form #2. This will assist us in tailoring our response to you. A member of the admissions staff will then reply to your enquiry.


  1. Please download this PDF file to your computer, using right click and choosing "Save as..." (PC) or Control + click and choose "Save as..." (Mac).
  2. For best results, please open with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  3. Complete the form and save the changes.
  4. Attach the completed PDF file to an email message addressed to

A member of the admissions staff will then reply to your enquiry.